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Our kids are drinking too much sugar and it is making them sick

Over the last 20 years, research confirmed the harms of sugary drinks. Drinking just one sugary drink per day increases a child’s likelihood of being overweight by 55 percent and the likelihood of developing diabetes by 26 percent. Unfortunately, sugary drinks are the single biggest source of calories in teens’ diets, contributing up to 15 percent of their daily calories.


The problem won’t go away on its own

California policy advocacy efforts have reduced availability of these drinks for kids. As a result, childhood obesity rates stopped increasing and sugary drink consumption went down.

But just as smart policy efforts are starting to have an impact, the beverage industry introduced new sugar saturated products masquerading as sports drinks and teas drinks to capture young consumers. Beverage marketers are redoubling their efforts through sophisticated social media campaigns and unconscionably micro-targeting low-income communities of color.

That’s why continued pressure and advocacy is vital to ensuring a healthy environment for our kids. The Coalition for a Healthy California is leading this charge and invites you to join us!

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